This page lists some existing tools to help with CodeMeta files

File Generation

Some of the early tools still need a little updating to use the latest version of the codemeta context.

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tool language codemeta version maintainer notes
CodeMeta file generator Ruby 0.1.0 arfon (no support for current schema)
Bolognese Ruby 1.0.0 mfenner primarily a tool for conversion between formats provided by DataCite, including codemeta and
codemetar R 2.0.0 cboettig Generate codemeta for R packages; + generic codemeta manipulation
codemetapy Python 2.0.0 proycon Generate codemeta for Python, NodeJS, Java packages and others; + generic codemeta manipulation
tributors Python 2.0.0 vsoch Generate codemeta contributors section from GitHub API and Orcid API
cff-converter Python 2.0.0 jspaaks Convert CITATION.cff files to codemeta
CodeMeta generator Javascript 2.0.0 ProgVal Online form to create or complete a codemeta file
codemeta-harvester POSIX Shell 2.0.0 proycon Automatic software metadata conversion pipeline that uses codemetapy and other tools
codemeta-server Python 2.0.0 proycon Webservice offering an API (including SPARQL) and simple human web-interface so search and browse software metadata
openCARP-CI Python openCARP developers GitLab CI pipelines including the conversion from CodeMeta to other formats (Citation File Format (CFF), DataCite, BagIt and BagPack)


Integrations indicate existing platforms & services which understand CodeMeta descriptions. These do not provide a user-facing software tool for generating codemeta.json, but can ingest existing codemeta.json files automatically.

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Name Description Authors Language Codemeta Version
Fidgit: An ungodly union of GitHub and Figshare Arfon Smith, Kaitlin Thaney, Mark Hahnel Ruby 0.1.0
Software Heritage The metadata indexers SWH team Python 2.0


  • JOSS
  • Zenodo
  • DataCite
  • Figshare