This page lists some existing tools to help with CodeMeta files

File Generation

Some of the early tools still need a little updating to use the latest version of the codemeta context.

tool language codemeta version maintainer notes
CodeMeta file generator Ruby 0.1.0 arfon (no support for current schema)
Bolognese Ruby 1.0.0 mfenner primarily a tool for conversion between formats provided by DataCite, including codemeta and
codemetar R 2.0.0 cboettig Generate codemeta for R packages; + generic codemeta manipulation
codemetapy Python 2.0.0 proycon Generate codemeta for Python packages


Integrations indicate existing platforms & services which understand CodeMeta descriptions. These do not provide a user-facing software tool for generating codemeta.json, but can ingest existing codemeta.json files automatically.

Name Description Authors Language Codemeta Version
Fidgit: An ungodly union of GitHub and Figshare Arfon Smith, Kaitlin Thaney, Mark Hahnel Ruby 0.1.0


  • JOSS
  • Zenodo
  • DataCite
  • Figshare