April 15 - 17 2016

Portland, Oregon

The Future of Software Metadata


The CodeMeta Project Workshop

The CodeMeta project does not seek to create yet another standard. Rather, we’re aiming to create a crosswalk table between standards already in use – think of this as a Rosetta stone of software metadata. Beginning in an Open Science Code-fest discussion lead by Abby Mayes and now thanks to a generous NSF EAGER Grant to Carl Boettiger (UC Berkeley) & Matt Jones (NCEAS & UC Santa Barbara), we will bring together leaders of software and data repositories with academic researchers to develop this crosswalk table for software metadata. This event will dovetail with the Force16 (Future of Research Communication & e-Scholarship) meeting in Portland.

Our team

Project Origins

The CodeMeta project was first concieved at the Open Science Codefest, we met to discuss the metadata for scientific software. Participants included:

  • Abigail Cabunoc / @abbycabs
  • Matt Jones / @metamattj
  • Carly Strasser / @carlystrasser
  • Corinna Gries / @CorinnaGries

Work was recorded on this etherpad.